Flourishing Futures Collective
Flourishing Futures Collective
Elaine France

Welcome to Flourishing Futures Collective

women unfolding green, clean and fair futures together

About the Flourishing Futures Collective

Who We Are

The Flourishing Futures Collective is a global community for women of all ages who want to create climate solutions for green, clean and fair futures.

This is a space of belonging, where we will raise our voices as leaders of Mother Earth Centric Innovation. 

By imagining and exploring what flourishing futures look like together, we will make sure that we are seen and hard, bringing transformation as we “story-into-being” the paths that we need to take today.

Who Should Join

As women, we are most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, with the least access to resources for education and economic empowerment. And yet, if we can unleash the value that we bring, it will be transformational in our own lives, our communities and at a global scale. 

Join the Flourishing Futures Collective, if:

  • You want to take climate action but don't know how and don't want to go alone.
  • You feel deeply connected to nature and creating Mother Earth Centric solutions.
  • You're looking to be part of a community where you can explore and imagine green, clean and fair futures together.
  • You want to challenge the status quo in your work places with transformational solutions.
  • You want to use the power of exploring alternative futures, to build your knowledge and skills to find new opportunities to create solutions.
  • You want to transform your business, as a woman-founder, to be 'green' in different ways.
  • You want to finding the starting point for creating a green solution as a business or in your workplace.
  • You want to learn how to do Mother Earth Centric Innovation, so that you feel courageous and confident in raising your voice wherever you go, to lead change.

Unfold the future

The future is not predictable, the future is unfolded. That means, that when we play with what flourishing everyday lives could look like in the future, we are better able to take action now to create solutions that protect and regenerate Nature, communities and our lives.  

Our imaginations are the birthplace of our life purpose. 

The unique blend of how you feel, see, taste, smell, hear and experience the world, makes your contribution so valuable in collective action. You are Unprecedented and that makes you a signal of hope, unfolding the future. Elaine

If you are committed to imagining, exploring, listening and sharing your experiences to bring new perspectives, then let's transform the future together.

What you'll find inside the Flourishing Futures Collective!

This space is free to join and use. Inside you'll discover women, from all areas of expertise, who are committed to creating green, clean and fair futures for all.

We will be:

  • Finding and sharing inspiring Signals of Hope happening right now.
  • Meeting in interactive, online events to explore future scenarios.
  • Playing Massive Multiplayer Games on future scenarios.
  • Listening to interviews with incredible, inspiring people.
  • Able to join paid optional online classes to build skills.

Everything about exploring the future together, is about raising our voices, so that better choices that are made today! 

Collective Action Today!

Being part of this community is also about taking your experiences, learning and explorations back to the spaces where you work and live, to influence change by bringing new questions and perspectives to those around you.

We need to act as signals of hope by creating them! Innovation is about doing-things-differently, so let's start by bringing our creativity to weave new narratives.

Whether we are changing processes, creating products or services, running events, workshops or classes...all of this is planting seeds that create change.

Let's raise our voices together.